5 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

After years of wondering how you can express your style to complete your outfit, we have travelled the world to find (and stock) the perfect summer accessory. 

A beautiful scarf adds an elegant twist to any summer outfit, and can transform Eliza Doolittle into a "fair lady' in no time, no phonetics lessons needed!

You'll never tire of your summer scarf, in fact you’ll find yourself changing it up daily, with endless ways to complete any look, from boho babe with a cotton scarf to the next duchess with your luxurious silk scarf.

How To Wear A Summer Scarf: 5 Ways

1: As a Hair Accessory

5 Ways To Wear A Scarf

Using your summer scarf as a hair accessory looks amazing, feels amazing and it even has some amazing benefits!

Besides keeping your hair intact and your OOTD instagram-worthy, wearing a silk scarf helps keep your hair soft, moisturised and avoids tangles. Hair slides on silk, meaning a scarf causes less breakage than your usual hair tie, in fact you’ll have little to no damage to your tresses. 

Whether you’re a Grace of Monaco or a Bella Hadid Silk Scarf kinda lady, our range of Tangible silk scarves enhance your style while keeping your hair in place! 

See our favourite 100% silk scarves here.


2: Neck Scarf
5 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf


Dare we say that a neck scarf is the epitome of styling a summer scarf? Think of the stereotypical French-girl style. Once you get past your style envy, you’re probably envisioning the typical, but classic neck scarf. 

Tying a silk scarf around your neck just has a certain je ne sais quoi  to it and it’s an endlessly versatile way to add instant elegance to your outfit, especially to your favourite t-shirt.


3: Handbag Accessory / The Bag Accent
5 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf


It’s no secret that we love to have fun with our accessories at Tangible. We love making the most of our lively scarves, and we get excited when it comes to new ways to using a scarf as an accessory. 

This silk scarf trend is quite the treat! Give your look and favourite handbag an instant upgrade  by tying a silk scarf to the handle. Not only does this freshen up your look, but if the weather turns, you'll have an extra layer on hand. Stylish and useful, a summer scarf is a great way to reinvent your wardrobe.


4: Wrist Wrap

5 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

Ultra chic, ultra cool, you’ve probably seen it on the runway, thanks to the Hermès Twilly that took the world by storm. Wear your Tangible silk scarf around your wrist as a fun accessory, known as the wrist wrap! (à la Hermès)

Boho-chic or elegant, this summer look works for all styles, and is perfect to add some charm to a plain white t-shirt or a comfy jersey!


5: As a Lightweight Layer

Open your scarf and drape it around your shoulders and neck. It’s really as easy as that!  You’ll be surprised at how effortless and easy it is to stay stylish while keeping the breeze away. In fact, a draped scarf will enhance your look, especially when this extra layer is an idyllic Tangible printed scarf.